I started out my working life in 1991 at a small company called MJA Dynamics Limited. I performed data analysis and software engineering duties working for mainly MoD and defence contractors. They were a relatively successful outfit who quickly caught the eye of their larger, more affluent competitors, and were eventually purchased by Smiths Aerospace a couple of years after I joined them.

I worked for Smiths Aerospace through several name changes and company reorganisations where I had various job titles and worked on several groundbreaking products. The company eventually caught the eye of a larger, more affluent competitor and was eventually bought by the giant that is General Electric, or GE as they are probably better known.

I worked for GE Aviation Systems, as our division became known eventually, after several different name changes and a dozen or so company restructures and reorganisations. I probably had as many job titles too! I eventually left the company in 2010 to concentrate on other things.

In 2012 I set-up my own Software Consultancy business called igCreatives.