Website Update

9th February 2015

Regular visitors to the website may have noticed a few changes recently. The major update is the introduction of a blog feature, which I intend to use to blog about photographic techniques, equipment reviews, photoshoots and general photographic experiences - as well as website updates.

Other recent site updates see the inclusion of the images from my 2014 100x project. The project involved taking 100 images of a selected subject - subject x! My selected x was Flora on Black. I learned a lot from the project, mainly about how to handle multiple flashguns, but also gained a lot of knowledge about growing flowers! You can see all 100 images by taking a look at my 100x:2014 portfolio page.

Another recent update comes in the form of my new Books page. As well as photography, I rather enjoy reading, and have decided to incorporate reviews and ratings of my recently read books into this page.

I hope you enjoy the new features of my website, and thank you for taking the time to take a look!