Peregrine Falcon

20th July 2015

So, picture the scene...

There was I, sat in my dad's back garden, drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying the sunshine and having a nice chat. A group of great tits take up residence in a nearby tree, and I pick up my camera.

The great tits are being quite vociferous, nervously hopping from branch to branch, looking worried - if a bird can look worried!

A blackbird lets out a familiar alarm call.

Something is wrong!

All of a sudden I hear a whooshing sound and a squawk!

I look up to see nothing less than a Peregrine falcon seemingly coming to a stop in mid-air, turning effortlessly, and making a lunge at some sort of finch, which only narrowly escapes its grasping claws by millimetres!

Even though my camera is at my eye within seconds, I miss all of the action, but manage to get this under wing shot of the retreating falcon while it was only a few feet above my head!

I knew I had a keeper as soon as I pressed the shutter, and was so excited to see my first ever wild Peregrine falcon!

It was a good day for photography, but an even better day for bird spotting, which is why I'm making this Peregrine falcon my Image of the Week...