Danger Mouse

10th June 2015

After placing my Wildlife Trail Camera in the garden for a few nights, I identified an area that is used by a family of mice every night!

Being a mouse in a neighbourhood full of cats can't be easy, and one of my long tailed garden inhabitants had a close encounter, missing a prowling predator by mere seconds!

You can see from the video that our intrepid hero makes his first appearance for the night at 1:25am, he grabs a piece of bread and scampers off. He then returns at 1:49am and explores the area, searching for more food, before scampering off again at 1:53am! At 1:55am, the reason for his quick exit is revealed - a big black neighbourhood cat!

The black cat can obviously smell the little rodent, and spends some time sniffing around the area, trying to locate him!

I'm not sure whether I want to capture a mouse being mauled by a cat, which seems inevitable, but so far, for me, the drama played out in my garden every night certainly makes for compelling viewing!