Robin on the Fence

21st May 2015

I'm quite lucky to have some blue tits nesting in my garden. I've been keeping an eye on them for the last few weeks, watching the parents bring a succession of food back to the nest box.

At first, whenever I entered the garden, the parents would be quite wary of me, and would either stay in the nest box or loiter around it, trying to lead me away. However, as the weather has improved, and I've spent more time in the garden, the parents have come to accept me, and are quite happy for me to be there.

I decided that I wanted to get an image of the parents taking food to the youngsters before it was time for them to fledge. So, on a number of occasions I've set-up my tripod on the opposite side of the garden, attached my camera, and got comfy, waiting for one of the parents to fly into my field of view.

Now, even the less sharp eyed of you couldn't fail to notice that this is not an image of a blue tit, but that of a robin!

I don't really have any excuses! Over a couple of days I've simply failed to grab a sharp shot of one of the blue tit parents in flight. They're incredibly quick at entering and exiting the nest box, and it has proved impossible to predict when they will do so. My bad, I'll just have to try harder I guess!

Not to be outdone by the whole avian population of my garden however, I did manage to grab this portrait of a pretty little robin, who had spent quite a lot of the day serenading me! That alone made him deserving of my Image of the Week!