Midnight Snack

28th May 2015

As you can see from the above video, I've purchased a camera capable of nighttime shooting! It's actually a Wildlife Trail Camera that has infrared and motion detecting capabilities! I knew it would happen if I watched too many hours of Springwatch!

This video is from my first night of testing, and I got lucky immediately!

I left the camera out in my garden overnight, and could hardly wait to get up and see if the camera had managed to record anything.

The trail camera has a small LCD display, and when I opened the camera up, it told me that I'd had 20 interactions - either photos of videos. When I reviewed the imagery on the LCD display I was initially disappointed, as the majority of interactions were with neighbourhood cats, or sometimes it appeared that the camera had been triggered by mistake.

As it was the first time I'd used the camera, I decided to go and review the imagery on my computer anyway, just to see what the quality was like.

Considering most of the images were shot in the dark, I was quite pleased with what I was seeing, even if in the majority of cases it was next door's cat!

However, imagine my surprise and excitement when this little chap scampered into view! I'd completely missed him on the small LCD display, and had come very close to deleting the video!

Overall I'm very excited about my new acquisition, and can't wait to set it up again to see what other creatures are visiting my garden during the dead of night!