Schizostylis Coccinea

15th October 2015

At a time of the year when most flowers are fading, it's nice to see a flower that's thriving in the cooler temperatures of autumn.

This delicate pink lily is called Schizostylis coccinea. It comes in a variety of colours, including pink, white, and red, and flowers from late September until the early frosts.

A darker pink example from 2014

The flowering period can be extended by deadheading the spent flowers and can be further extended into winter by growing in pots, and placing them in a greenhouse before the first frosts appear.

The rhizomes are easily grown, preferring a moist sunny spot, and being a perennial plant, will produce masses of flowers year after year.

Another example from 2014

The plants grow between one and a half and two feet in height, and the flowers are accompanied by long sword-like green leaves.

If grown in an unrestricted area, the plant will form new clumps over time, which can be divided, and moved to a new location during springtime.

So, for offering a much needed splash of colour, in an otherwise flowerless garden, I'm making this pink lily my Image of the Week...