Blood Moon

28th September 2015

I couldn't resist staying up until about 4am to grab a few shots of the 'blood moon' as the supermoon and lunar eclipse coincided on Sunday night.

It's the first time I've witnessed such a spectacular astronomical event involving the moon, and I didn't want to miss it, as the next one isn't scheduled until the year 2033!

I was quite pleased to also capture a few stars in the background, considering the shutter speed was less than one second.

Below is a shot of the supermoon before the lunar eclipse began, which you can click on to make larger...

Despite having to wait a couple of hours for the transition from moon to blood moon to occur, it was well worth the wait, although I'm currently paying for the loss of sleep!

Oh, before I nod off, if you'd like to try shooting the moon yourself, but don't know how, why not take a quick look at my Moon Shot Tutorial.