Early Camellia

14th January 2016

Spring was definitely in the air last weekend when I took pictures of this camellia! The bush normally comes into flower in late February, but the unseasonally warm temperatures and the abundance of rain (water is something camellias don't seem to be able to get enough of) seem to have encouraged this specimen to flower early.

Sun Worshipping - January 2016

Actually, the camellia wasn't the only early starter in the garden! As you can see from below, a daffodil had decided to open up...

All The Frills - January 2016

...and the crocuses were also starting to poke their heads through the lawn!

A Quick Peek - January 2016

Since the weekend the temperatures have dropped sharply, and we've been encountering more normal weather for the time of year. Therefore I don't expect to be seeing many more early arrivals until a little later in the year.

So, for giving an early glimpse of spring, and bringing some colour into the garden again, I'm making this camellia bloom my Image of the Week...