Rose Hip

10th December 2015

Despite last week's surprise appearance of some early Quince blossom, this week there were very few photographic opportunities in the garden.

However, after persevering in gale force winds, deceptively wet fine drizzle and some chilly conditions, I found this rose hip, which I thought would make an interesting subject.

As you can imagine, in such wet, windy and dull conditions it wasn't easy to capture something that was swaying about and seemed to have a mind of its own. But, with a little perseverance, and with the help of some fill-in flash, I eventually ended up with a shot that I considered half decent!

For those who don't know, a rose hip is the fruit of a rosebush. The hips contain seeds that are used to propagate the species. Rose hips from many species can also be used to make herbal tea, jam, jelly, soup and marmalades.

So, for at least giving me something fairly interesting to shoot this week, I'm making this rose hip my Image of the Week...