Raindrop Islands

4th February 2016

Raindrop Islands - January 2016

Another week brings with it another collection of raindrops. This week I was once again presented with the challenge of shooting something in the rain.

I decided to shoot a series of abstracts based around raindrops falling down the same window, but with the extra complexity of trying to make them all look different in some way.

It wasn't until I got the images onto the computer that I realised how dirty the window I was shooting had become, so you'll have to excuse the dirtiness of the glass between the raindrops.

The main image turned out to be my favourite, despite the muck, as you can see where previous raindrops have landed and since dried.

All Fall Down - January 2016

I tried to capture as much colour as possible in the second image, and ended up rotating the image to get a good cross section of the garden beyond to flow across the frame.

Molten Rain - January 2016

By contrast, the third image is almost black and white, and almost fully devoid of colour.

I found the whole exercise very interesting, and could only marvel at how the same small patch of glass could yield such a variation of imagery.

Covered Camellia - January 2016

Finally, I couldn't resist including this in my series of raindrop adorned windows. It's becoming somewhat of a weekly theme to include a picture of a Camellia bloom in my weekly articles, and this week is no different.

So, for once again beguiling me with their beauty, the raindrops have taken centre stage, and are responsible for my Image of the Week...