Roast Beef Seeds

19th November 2020

Roast Beef Seeds - November 2020

It was an awful overcast grey day for my photo shoot in dad's garden this week, but at least there was at least one super colourful area in the garden. That was where the seeds of the Roast-beef plant (Iris foetidissima) were located.

As mentioned last week, the plant gets its name from the smell the crushed leaves are supposed to have, but I couldn't detect even the faintest of aromas emanating from the leaves, even when located directly beneath my nose!

Fungus - November 2020

There were less colourful objects growing at the base of a tree on the opposite side of the garden, in the shape of this rather large clump of Fungus.

Budding Dahlia - November 2020

Adding to the general strangeness, I found a Dahlia still generating flower buds, which I reckoned had zero chance of opening.

Budding Bay - November 2020

The Bay Tree (Laurus nobilis) was also doing its best to confuse, as it was also generating new flower buds, which were a good few months ahead of schedule.

Budding Pieris - November 2020

The Forest Flame (Pieris japonica) bush was also showing flower buds, but these caught me out last year, as they started forming very early, and didn't actually flower until springtime.

Budding Viburnum - November 2020

Meanwhile, confusion also reigned with the Viburnum bush, which had new flower buds...

Viburnum Berries - November 2020

...and berries growing side by side!

Juicy Raspberry - November 2020

The Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) bush was also still producing fruit very late on in the season.

Firethorn Berries - November 2020

The Firethorn (Pyracantha) bush berries were about the only thing that was normal for this time of year, although I was still a little perplexed as to why the Blackbirds hadn't eaten them yet.

Flocking Silhouettes - November 2020

Finally, a shot that typified the general overcast nature of the day, with a flock of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) flying overhead through a very dreary looking grey sky.

So this week I went with Roast Beef Seeds as my Image of the Week simply because I loved how colourful they were...