16th December 2021

Anthurium - December 2014

Another week has rolled over and it's another week that I've failed to pick up my camera unfortunately. However, I still have plenty of images in my archive to fall back on, and this week we're going back in time to December 2014.

First up is this rather wonderful looking houseplant called a Flamingo Flower (Anthurium). The red waxy looking leaves look great against a black background, and made a fitting finale to my 100x project in 2014.

Blooming Agapanthus - December 2014

This white Agapanthus bloom also made it into the 100x project, and was also shot in December. This must have been a shop bought specimen as I'm sure I haven't had an Agapanthus in flower in my garden that late in the year.

Blue Iris - December 2014

This blue Iris (Iris germanica) was definitely shop bought, and came in a bouquet with the yellow rose below.

Buttery Rose - December 2014

This lovely yellow Rose (Rosa) was also a great subject for the 100x project, although this image wasn't part of the series I took for the project.

Dusting of Sugar - December 2014

Moving outside, and it was a rather cold December that year, with quite heavy frosts on most days towards the end of the month. I thought that these Cotoneaster bush berries looked great with their covering of ice crystals.

Crystals - December 2014

Finally, talking of ice crystals, here's an abstract composition taken of the frost covering part of my car where the rear light cluster meets the boot (trunk)!

So this week I went with Anthurium as my Image of the Week simply because it was the final floral subject of my 100x project in 2014, and it was also close to being one of my favourites...