23rd December 2021

Caged - December 2017

This week is another that I've not picked up a camera, and sees me dipping into my image archive yet again. This time we're travelling back to December 2017. Hope you enjoy the selection of images I've chosen.

My favourite subject from that month was undoubtedly this Chinese Lantern Flower (Physalis alkekengi franchetii) seed capsule, and I rather liked this image of it.

Felicia - December 2017

The prettiest flower in the garden was the Felicia (Felicia amelloides), which, if memory serves, had been flowering since springtime that year.

Frosted Web - December 2017

There were still a few Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus) webs around, but the frost had killed off most of the adult spiders.

Cold Leaf Litter - December 2017

It had been quite a cold December and frost had covered most everything at ground level, including the leaf litter which was usually a bit warmer than its surroundings.

Sitting Proud - December 2017

Pointing my camera upwards for a while saw this very proud looking Feral Pigeon (Columba livia) sunning himself against a lovely blue sky.

Soaring Crow - December 2017

There were also a few Carrion Crow (Corvus corone) circling overhead, looking for an easy meal.

Abstract Steps - December 2017

Finally, switching genres again, here's one of the steps leading up to a popular cinema in my local city of Southampton, UK.

So this week I went with Caged as my Image of the Week simply because it was a favourite subject of mine. As this is the final post before Christmas, I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hope you have a wonderful Christmastime.