Wet Wallflower

28th January 2021

Wet Wallflower - January 2021

This week I was waiting for a nice dry day before embarking upon my photo shoot, but my wait was unnsuccessful. I ended up having a quick run around my garden in torrential rain, trying to find something interesting to shoot, and mostly failing.

There was hardly anything worth pointing my camera at, so before I got absolutely soaked, I took a couple of quick shots of my ever faithful Wallflower (Erysimum) plant that had been flowering for months.

Budding Wallflower - January 2021

As I think I've pointed out previously, this particular plant has been flowering probably since this time last year, if not before, and had lots and lots of new buds ready to open.

Budding Hellebore - January 2021

I suppose the highlight of my garden rummage was that I noticed that my collection of Hellebore (Helleborus orientalis) plants had some nice big juicy flower buds.

Budding Camellia - January 2021

I also noticed that the Camellia bush that produced lovely dark red blossom also had lots of flower buds waiting for springtime to arrive.

So this week I went with Wet Wallflower as my Image of the Week simply because I didn't take a photo of anything else in the garden that merited the accolade...