Welsh Poppy

7th July 2022

Welsh Poppy - July 2022

There was a change of venue for my photo shoot this week, and instead of dad's back garden, it took place in my own. Despite the garden being overgrown and neglected, there were a few pretty flowers to be found.

This Welsh Poppy (Meconopsis cambrica) turned out to be my absolute favourite this week, as I loved the simple combination of orange and green.

Geranium Rozanne - July 2022

I've had this Geranium 'Rozanne' plant for many years, but last year it didn't flower, and I thought I'd lost it. I was extremely pleased to see a few flowers appear this year as it really does photograph well.

Houttuynia Cordata - July 2022

These Houttuynia (Houttuynia cordata) plants are everywhere at the moment. Many people treat them as weeds and pull them out, but I always think they look interesting enough to let them stay.

Geranium Salmon Princess - July 2022

I was extremely surprised to see this Geranium (Pelargonium) 'Salmon Princess' plant return for another year. I think this is the third or fourth year it has flowered despite being an annual plant!

Oxalis Iron Cross - July 2022

The Oxalis 'Iron Cross' (Oxalis tetraphylla) plants never let me down and come back year after year.

Rocking Red - July 2022

This is only the second year for the Dianthus (Dianthus caryophyllus) 'Rocking Red' plants, but they've proved extremely hardy. They sit on the patio in a pot that is in full sun for most of the day, and only get watered when it rains. I have no idea how they've survied!

Agapanthus - July 2022

I never know what I'm going to get from this Agapanthus plant. Some years it has lots of flower spikes, some years it as only a couple, but thankfully this year, it has about twenty and is putting on a splendid show.

Lewisia - July 2022

The Lewisia (Lewisia cotyledon) 'Elise' plants were new last year, and although most of the plants have survived, there are very few that are flowering, so this one is an exception.

Hosta - July 2022

My patio Hosta has been flowering for a couple of weeks now, but has been badly affected by some very determined Snails who are intent on eating all of its leaves.

Butterfly Bush - July 2022

Finally, the Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) has taken off again, despite it being cut back last year. It must now be at least fifteen feet high, which is okay, because the Bees and Butterflies seem to love it!

So this week I went with Welsh Poppy as my Image of the Week simply because I loved the simplicity of the image...