Beginning to Bloom

24th November 2016

Beginning to Bloom - November 2016

It hasn't been a good week for nature photography this week. Apart from it being cold, wet and windy outside, I'm currently suffering from an attack of cellulitis, which means that this photographer hasn't been up to much either!

However, I did manage to get out for about half an hour on Sunday, and was pleased to see some new flowers greeting me in dad's garden. Above is the lovely yellow blossom of a Mahonia japonica bush...

Winter Jasmine - November 2016

...while these yellow lovelies are from a Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) shrub. Both the Mahonia and the Jasmine should flower throughout the winter until springtime arrives, so hopefully the winter garden will not be colourless.

Cosmos Farewell - November 2016

The Cosmos (Cosmea) are definitely on their last legs now, and the high winds have been doing their best to topple the tallest of the plants. I've been very impressed with how these annuals have resisted high wind, torrential rain and even some persistent frosts to hang on for so long this year.

Final Opening - November 2016

The Pot Marigolds (Calendula) have also had a good run, although this was the last flower bud I could find in the garden at the weekend.

Dropping Down - November 2016

There were still plenty of Fuchsia flower buds left to open, and this particular plant is in a very sheltered location, so I expect that it could still be throwing up new blooms for quite a while to come.

Crocosmia Refresh - November 2016

The majority of the Montbretia (Crocosmia) seed pods were finally popping open, releasing their seeds, and will no doubt be producing little plants for next year. I've actually already collected seed and will be keeping it for a project I have in mind next year!

Twisting About - November 2016

It was only a few weeks ago that I noticed that the Twisted Hazel (Corylus avellana contorta) tree was starting to generate catkins, and now there are hundreds of them...

Twisted Hazelnut - November 2016

...and now that quite a few of the leaves have fallen, the previously hidden Hazelnuts have been revealed. I can't see them being there for long though, now that they are in plain sight for the Squirrels to see!

Lichen - November 2016

There seems to be a lot of Lichen about at the moment, especially growing within the branches of shrubs and trees. I used to think that it was harmful, and was damaging the plant it was living on, but apparently it isn't. Lichens do not have root systems, so don't absorb water or nutrients from their host. In fact what is quite interesting is that they use photosynthesis, producing their own food, which explains how you often see Lichen growing on walls, stones, and other non-living substrates.

Into the Lens - November 2016

So, what of my trusty photo companion this week? Well, he dutifully followed me as I hobbled around looking for interesting subjects to shoot, but I think he was glad when I returned indoors after only half an hour!

Two Frogs - November 2016

Later in the week, in my own garden, I managed to rescue some frogs that had become trapped in a bucket. These were the final two to make their escape.

So, this week I chose Beginning to Bloom as my Image of the Week, although I also really liked the Cosmos, the Cat and the Crocosmia seeds! How curious...