Frosty Osteospermum

23rd January 2020

Frosty Osteospermum - January 2020

So this weekend brought with it some dry weather, which made a nice change, but it also brought with it the first frosty days of the year.

On Sunday morning I braved the cold and had a quick jaunt around my garden, camera in hand, looking for anything of note that might be covered in photogenic ice crystals.

Being so early in the year there wasn't much going on, but I did find this rather lovely blue Osteospermum flower bud beginning to open.

Pretty Double Ellen - January 2020

As I suspected last week, the Helleborus orientalis 'Double Ellen Purple' flower buds had begun to open, although it may have been better if they'd stayed tightly closed until a warmer day came along.

Frosty Wallflower - January 2020

The unopened flower buds of the Wallflowers (Erysimum) were coated in frost, and were remaining closed for the time being.

Frosty Foxglove - January 2020

It would be a while before the Foxgloves (Digitalis) were in flower, but it was nice to see signs that they hadn't disappeared completely from the garden.

Frosty Underfoot - January 2020

There were a number of crunchy Sycamore tree leaves underfoot at the bottom of the garden, and I thought they looked quite attractive, covered in frost.

So this week I went with Frosty Osteospermum as my Image of the Week simply because it was nice to see such a vibrant blue in the garden at this time of year...