24th September 2020

Take-Off - September 2020

I didn't have much time for photography this week but at least I managed to get out into the garden for a few minutes to see what I could find to photograph.

My short garden wander was rewarded with the arrival of Dahlia 'Take Off', probably the showiest variety to bloom in my garden this year. Last year 'Take Off' was full of flowers all summer and autumn, but this year it has only sported a few flower buds, of which this was the first to open.

Take-Off Behind - September 2020

The back of the bloom is probably just as pretty as the front, don't you think?

Blue Aster - September 2020

My little blue Michaelmas Daisy (Aster frikartii 'Monch') was the next thing to catch my eye. It was flowering at the correct time of year, but there were a severe lack of little blue blooms.

Pot of Gold - September 2020

The large Begonias continued to impress, with this one guarding its golden centre with its pretty petals.

Begonia Worms - September 2020

Meanwhile the centre of this one had been revealed, and reminded me of a collection of worms writhing around!

Godetia - September 2020

The Godetia (Clarkia amoena) blooms were lasting well, but the vast majority of flower buds had now opened so they wouldn't be around for much longer.

Pot Marigold - September 2020

It was a similar story with the Pot Marigolds (Calendula), with only a few flower buds remaining to open.

Pairing Up - September 2020

Finally, I now had a pair of Ornithogalum saundersiae blooms, which were flowering for a lot longer than I'd expected them too.

So this week I went with Take-Off as my Image of the Week simply because it was the showiest flower in the garden...