Wet Quince Blossom

3rd March 2022

Wet Quince Blossom - March 2022

The rain had returned for my photo shoot in dad's garden this week, and it was accompanied by a stiff breeze and dark clouds.

This was disappointing as it was only the second time I'd had a chance to get outside with my new camera, a Sony A7 Mk 4. However, I think the camera proved how good it was in difficult conditions as it grabbed shots that my old Nikon D800 definitely would have struggled to get.

My favourite shot of the shoot was of the raindrops covering the pretty pink petals of a Quince (Chaenomeles) bush. The bush is situated in a fairly dark corner of the garden behind the garage, but by cranking up the ISO to 1600 I was still able to shoot at 1/640s at f/2.8 and got this nice bright pin sharp image.

Wet Forsythia Buds - March 2022

The Forsythia (Forsythia intermedia) bush was nearby to the Quince bush, but had nowhere near as many flower buds yet. This was a shame as it's usually covered in flower buds or blooms by this time of year.

Wet Daffodil Bud - March 2022

The Daffodils (Narcissus) also seemed to be struggling this year. While a few of the miniature ones had opened in my garden, I hadn't seen a single larger one in bloom yet in dad's garden.

Wet Camellia Petals - March 2022

The Camellia bush was now in full flow, with lots of blooms and buds covering its branches. I thought the flowers looked even better when they were covered in raindrops.

Wet Snowdrop Blooms - March 2022

The Common Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) were beginning to look a little worse for wear now. I thought they'd put on a good display this year, and had certainly been more resilient to the weather conditions than the Crocuses.

Wet Grass - March 2022

As the rain came down, it was getting increasingly wet underfoot, so I tried pointing my camera at the ground. I love the tilting / rotating screen on my new camera as it makes getting shots like this so much easier, and saves me from getting back strain and wet knees!

Wet Leaves - March 2022

Finally, here are some raindrops taking a rest on the green leaves of some unknown garden shrub.

So this week I went with Wet Quince Blossom as my Image of the Week simply because it was my favourite shot amongst the few I captured on a very wet weekday morning...